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Bliss - The Journey

Product Code: CD244
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Track Listing

1. Orange World  09.55 minutes
2. New Dawn  12.11 minutes
3. Hymn  07.37 minutes
4. Spring  08.07 minutes
5. The Journey  08.49 minutes
6. Reflection  12.16 minutes

"THE JOURNEY - instrumental music written and performed by Andy, perfect for healers. Reiki, Massage, and of course meditation. It washes away in the background creating peaceful vibrations without interfering too much on a conscious level. As the album progresses, the mood changes taking the listener deeper and deeper...... it really is a spiritual journey. I remember when he was composing it, the whole house was filled with this peace. A truly stunning album. Used by meditation centers all over the world.""
Lucinda Drayton - Bliss

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