Carien Wijnen & Rainbow Womyn Choir - Womyn in Spirit

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Track Listing

1. Come Holy Spirit  4.52
2. breathing song  6.10
3. Aye Kerun  4.46
4. Songs of the Earth  7.07 
5. Ide were nita Ochun  3.30
6. If the people lived their lives  3.11 
7. elements song  7.31
8. Sending you light  3.54
9. How could anyone  6.21
10. Shaddai  5.38
11. Baba Nam Kevalam  3.30 
12. Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu  4.27
13. Spirit I love you  3.11
14. God's children  4.41
15. Spirit Healer  4.39
Total Time 73:37


"I am pleased to introduce you to the fourth CD from the Rainbow Womyn series with healing and strength library. With much joy and enthusiasm again is a group gathered to this Chants, Mayr and songs from around the world to singen.Diesmal are two gospel songs ( one of my " children of God ") with piano accompaniment here , plus four songs sung by me solo . The Rainbow Womyn Choir is a project choir, whose composition varies with each CD . I am also pleased that the inclusion of five musicians enriched by their musical accompaniment have .
Let's an exciting new collection of wonderful polyphonic singing has come out . We hope you enjoy listening and singing along !"

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