Church of Sky - Shantala

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Track Listing 

 1 Etched in Stone
  2 Dance Me
  3 Roll Over With Me
  4 No Safe Place
  5 My Island
  6 Journey
  7 Island Suite
  8 Madrone
  9 Church of Sky
  10 Looking for a Storm
  11 You Are My Soul
  12 Hard to Hold
  13 Going Twice
  14 Fallen Heart Blue
  15 Between the Lines


"Church of Sky" is a contemporary folk CD with musical influences from around the world. It is the debut CD for Shantala, the acoustic world folk duo of Heather and Benjy Wertheimer."Church of Sky" creates a magical blend of contemporary folk music with the captivating sounds of instruments such as the esraj and tabla from India, the djembe from Africa, and the balalaika from Eastern Europe. Additional instruments such as the harp, zither, violin, viola, and cello engage the listener in a far-reaching musical journey of the spirit.

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