Constance Demby - Aeterna

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Track Listing

1.0The Dawning   10.22 minutes
2.0Ocean Without Shores   05.45 minutes
3.0Innocence   13.16 minutes
4.0Cry of the Heart   06.21 minutes
5.0Eternal Return   10.58 minutes
6.0Rites of Passage   18.03 minutes


Constance Demby's special talent is translating the tradition of sacred music into a 21st century context.

First came Sacred Space Music in 1982, then her 1986 masterpiece and landmark recording Novus Magnificat.

Now she has given us Aeterna, soaring with expansively romantic piano melodies singing amidst rich electronic orchestrations and choirs of angelic voices.

A four star emotional workout, from reverence to transcendent release.

Digitally sampled piano, orchestral and electronic sounds.

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