Dechen Shak-Dagsay - Jewel

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Track Listing

1 Jewel Prologue 05:46
2 Medicine Buddha 09:09
3 Praising Tara 06:53
4 100 Syllable Mantra of Vajra Sattva 07:18
5 Vajra Guru 08:06
6 Heart Sutra 06:28
7 Tara 09:28
8 Amidaba 09:01
9 Chenresi 09:30
10 Jewel Taking Refuge in the Three Jewels 08:45
With this album 'Jewel' a big wish of mine comes true. I have always wanted to share the power of Tibetan mantras with an audience who normally has little chance to hear them. What makes these mantras special is the fact that even without knowing the meaning of the syllables, just hearing the sound of these ancient, holy words is said to have a positive effect. I feel very privileged to have been able to work with Helge van Dyk, one of the best music producers in Switzerland, and the top musicians Martin Tillmann, Jürg Zurmühle, Dieter Dyk, Satnam Ramogotra, Sri Dasgupta and Dominique Starck. May the mantras of 'Jewel' create a real Mantra Sound Wave and transform the minds of people with boundless happiness.  Dechen Shak-Dagsay

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