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Phurbu T Namgyal - Jelyong

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Track Listing

1. Losar (Tibetan New Year) 
2. Jelyong (We Shall Meet) 
3. Serghi Le (Wishful prayer) 
4. Sempa Truckpa Manang (True Love) 
5. Ghongsa Daley’ Mindhu (An Ode To Dalai Lama) 
6. Chenpo Sonam (Brother Sonam) 
7. Milam Mijung (Had A Dream) 
8. Phayul Mayul (Tibetan-ness’)

Just released, the latest cd by the leading modern Tibetan singer Phurbu T. Namgyal. This album is dedicated to all the Tibetans who are dispersed all over the world. With the release of this album Phurbu says 'I hope to bring a renewed sense of our culture, language, people and country. Most of the songs in this album is related to our cause, culture and hopes of reuniting Tibetans back in Tibet soon'.

Phurbu T. Namgyal is the name and face of Modern Tibetan Music. He was born in India, in a Tibetan refugee settlement. He is currently living in the U.S. and travel around the world to promote Tibetan music and art. As a Tibetan refugee, most of his work reflects his burning desire and wish to be returned to Tibet and to unite Tibetan people all over the world in their cause for Free Tibet.

His music is a fusion of modern and traditional Tibetan style. The younger Tibetans get into the flow of listening and dancing to his music, while the older enjoys the melody and the traditional flavour that he blends in. It is not only loved and enjoyed by the Tibetans all over the world, but also by many others with different background and races as well. Some of his recent works have been re-recorded into Russian, Bhutanese and in Ladhaki songs.

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