Tibet - Voice of the Tantra - The Monastery of Gyuto - 2 CDs

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Track Listing
Disc: 1

1. Tantra Dit de 'I'assemblee Secrete' 8.44
2. Initiation au Culte de Yamantaka 23.54
3. Rituel de Consecration 17.01
Disc: 2
1. Grand Noir (Mahakala) 25.34
2. Libation Dorée 10.48
3. Priére de 'Bon Augure' 3.29


This ceremony, which was recorded in 1975, and was performed by the first generation of Tibetan monks in exile in India, reproduces most faithfully the impressive vocal technique, fervour and mystery of this very low pitch Buddhist chant, with it's harmonics, and accompaniement of horns, drums and large cymbals.

Thanks to the sound recording technique, the listener is immersed in the very heart of the event.

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