Don Campbell - Music for The Mozart Effect Vol 5

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Track Listing

1. Adagio from Serenade #10 in B Major, K. 361
2. Adagio from the Cassation in G Major, K. 63
3. Andante from the Divertimento in F Major, K 138
4. Andante from the Piano Concerto in C Major, K. 211
5. Andante from the Horn Quintet in E Flat Major, K. 407
6. Andante from Symphony #40 in G Minor, K. 550
7. Andante from Symphony #28 in C Major, K 200
8. Andante from Symphony #31 in D Major, K. 297
9. Larghetto from Piano Concerto in D Major, K.537


Relax and Unwind - Music for Deep Rest & Rejuvenation.

Designed to gently transport mind and body to a state of deep and transformative relaxation.

The physical, emotional, and aural stress of modern life is unique in the human history; Volume V harnesses music's amazing ability to instantly shift mood and energy, and allows room for the natural restoration of mind and body.

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