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Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors - Bardo

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Track Listing

1. Sand Castle  05.01 minutes
2. Infinite Sky  07.16 minutes
3. Dissolve  06.42 minutes
4. Nectar Moon  05.45 minutes
5. Sun Dust Eclipse  04.35 minutes
6. The Crossing  04.29 minutes
7. Bardo  04.25 minutes
8. Mansion of Gold  04.59 minutes


The transcendental, hypnotic music and unique "words" on BARDO can help listeners begin to reawaken their hidden selves and experience life in a new way; it can open up realms of possibility by changing consciousness, allowing one to enter a full body state of awakened meditation.

The word BARDO literally means “an interval between two things” per the precepts of Tibetan Buddhism.

While there are six kinds of bardothat human beings experience on the endless wheel of life and rebirth, what is usuallymeant is ""the bardo of becoming."" This is a phase of hallucinationsbefore new physical conception; it is the dream of the soul,the dance of the consciousness.

Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors fans will see BARDO as a natural extrapolation from the group's bestselling REFUGE album, which has been called "a feast for the ears and the spirit" by Rhythm Magazine and "some of the deepest and most profound music ever released" by Musical Soundscapes.

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