Healing Drum - Vivien Kay

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Track Listing

1. Enter the Well  03.45 minutes
2. Shaman's Walk  02.45 minutes
3. Sunset Walk  03.54 minutes
4. Rivers Flow  01.31 minutes
5. The Galloping Plains  03.18 minutes
6. Earth Talk  06.55 minutes
7. De-Mystifier  04.11 minutes
8. The Life in Me Celebrates  04.25 minutes


Vivien Kay has been a healer and teacher for many years. She uses many different tools in her healing and one is sound. This has led to her creating this CD. She has transferred her healing energies into the sound you will hear. It is hoped that this will give you a strong vibrational contact with the areas of your life that need addressing and also help remove from you the stresses and strains of evertday life into your own inner sanctuary. Take time out to make changes in your life.

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