Maitreya - From the Mothership

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Track Listing

1. Advent  02.43 minutes
2. The Inception  03.07 minutes
3. Blibs  07.09 minutes
4. Undulation (Pushing the wave)  07.46 minutes
5. Silent Seas  04.41 minutes
6. Forest  04.59 minutes
7. The Beyond  04.00 minutes
8. Ambient  04.37 minutes
9. Nebulae  06.52 minutes
10. Insight  07.21 minutes
11. The Second Inception  02.57 minutes
12. From The Mothership  04.54 minutes


A powerful and enveloping work, from the mothership is a sonic slipstream to the far reaches of the universe, lie back, close your eyes, and enjoy an hour’s journey through time and space; an exploration into uncharted territory.

"I've not heard such literally stellar recordings in some time... these percussion-free pieces are perfect soundtracks for deep space explorations, even if only through the constellations of your mind..."

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