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Infinity - Nicole Schlegel

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Track Listing

1. Lotus  05.12 minutes
This chant is for alignment between the physical and the non-physical, between the earth and the sky for a direct line of pure spiritual communication.

2. Golden Light  05.08 minutes
The time of the golden light has come. It is time to speak our truth and discover our own inner mastership that is connected to the higher source.

3. Blue Star  05.11 minutes
I looked across the night sky up to the stars, when I heard the Spirit Guide saying: ""A new blue star is born"".

4. Chakra Mantras  06.12 minutes
The Chakra system is a constant tool to enhance our awareness of the inner and outer world.
Chakra Vowels:
Root Chakra: LAM
Haara: VAM
Solar Plexus:RAM
Heart Chakra:YAM
Throat Chakra:HAM
Third Eye:OM
Crown Chakra: AUM

5. Lullaby  10.47 minutes
We are all and everything. All exists within interdependency. One would not exist without the other. We are infinite in whatever form this will take.

6. Infinity  05.22 minutes
A long time ago I sat by the fire and sang a lullaby to my baby, now I offer this lullaby to you.

7. Him Bayo  05.44 minutes
Whatever life's challenges brings to us as an experience, we are always able to overcome them. We have an incredible strength within us that allows us to survive. If we are aware of this strength, life can offer us joy and self-contentment.

8. Joy  03.52 minutes
Looking at the blue sky my soul flies with the birds. I am happy and want to share my joy with you.

Contains: Vocals, Keyboards, Crystal Singing Bowls, Wind Chimes and Native American Flute.

The most beautiful chants and songs within this album are both relaxing and uplifting and will make you feel at peace with yourself.
You will feel the ever-present light of divine compassion and happiness.

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