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Jonathan Goldman & George Goodenow - Supercharge Divination Kit - DVD +

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Track Listing

Track 1. "Tranquil Space"  6:42
Track 2.  "Medicine Buddha"  6:46
Track 3.   Supercharged Root Chakra  3:00
Track 4.   Supercharged Sacral Chakra  3:19
Track 5.   Supercharged Solar Plexus Chakra  3:14
Track 6.   Supercharged Heart Chakra  3:32
Track 7.   Supercharged Throat Chakra  3:10
Track 8.   Supercharged 3rd Eye Chakra  3:20
Track 9.   Supercharged Crown Chakra  3:14
Track 10. “Sei He Ki”  6:10
Track 11. “Waves of Light”  5:11

We are pleased to announce the release of the SUPERCHARGE DIVINATION KIT from Healing Sounds pioneer Jonathan Goldman and Divination Master George Goodenow.

The Kit includes a new CD from Jonathan Goldman, "Divination Frequencies". Composed of 11 different divination frequencies, this CD includes a new "Supercharged" combination of "Chakra Chants" and "Chakra Chants 2", as well as 4 other selections that have never been released together. The kit also includes an Instruction & Information Booklet on how to use the CD and kit, as well as specially created Divination Charts with Instructions.

Jonathan was originally approached by George and asked if sound could be used to enhance the divination process. "Divination Frequencies" is the result.

The Supercharge Divination Kit will enhance your intuition and accuracy with:

Pendulum Dowsing and L- Rod Dowsing
Tarot Cards & Divination Card Decks
Crystal Ball and Black Mirror Scrying
Rune Casting - I Ching - Ouija Boards
"Divination Frequencies" is also an excellent CD for energy work, meditation and frequency shifting.

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