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Journey Meditation - Spirit of the Woodland - DVD & CD

Product Code: DVD051
Price: £19.39
"Welcome Friends to a new experience in meditation"....

Many people would love to use meditation as a tool; to help them to develop their own spiritual awareness, to meet their Spiritual Guides or as an aid to personal growth and wellbeing. However for some people visualisation and learning to "switch off" the conscious mind can be a difficult challenge.

Now for the first time, with this lovingly crafted spiritual DVD, you can follow a relaxing meditation on your television screen. As you watch the DVD you will follow a beautiful journey along a woodland walk, surrounded by the essence of Mother Nature. At the same time the journey will be described to you and beautiful music will ease you into a state of relaxation and awareness. By following the specially crafted journey we hope that you will enter into a meditative state, and enjoy the benefits of meditation, without having to worry about shutting out the chatter of the logical mind.

Once you have mastered this art of attunement you can use the CD and your imagination to make the same journey.... wherever you may be.

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