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Kelly Howell - Deep Learning

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Track Listing

1.0Deep Learning 1   29.36 minutes
Deep Learning 2   30.07 minutes

  • Improve memory & concentration
  • Absorb, retain, and recall information
  • Expand awareness and increase creativity

Do you ever wonder why as children we learn more in our first few years of life? The answer lies in the mysterious and elusive Theta brain wave state. Up until the age of six, children are predominantly in Theta.

This frequency allows the brain to absorb and retain massive amounts of information that gets stored in long-term memory. You can restore this magical ability through daily Theta brain wave training.

When you need to study and assimilate new information, slip on your headphones, relax and listen to Deep Learning. Within minutes, memory receptors are gently stimulated as precision-engineered frequencies shift your brain into perfect balance.

In this state of heightened receptivity, the clarity and speed with which you can concentrate, study, and integrate and store information is profoundly improved. Theta brain waves are associated with long-term-potentiation.

Use Deep Learning For:

  • Super learning
  • Receiving inner direction and insights
  • Self-hypnosis
  • Behaviour modification
  • Improving Memory

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