Krishna Das - All One

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Track Listing

1.0All One I   18.29 minutes
2.0All One II   11.35 minutes
3.0All One III   14.42 minutes
4.0All One IV   08.53 minutes


In early 2004 Krishna Das asked Walter Becker to work with him on an album that would include only one Chant / Mantra and would flow musically through various traditions in the style of a Suite.

Recorded in three days in November 2004 at Avatar Studios in New York, a choir of 70 and an orchestra of 20, Krishna Das (Vocals and Harmonium), Walter Becker (Bass / Co-producer), Def Leppard's Rick Allen (Drums), Ty Burhoe (Tabla) and David Nichtern (Guitar, Co-producer and well known composer Midnight at the Oasis).

The result: A Mantric Suite in 4 Parts that seamlessly evolves from Western Classical to Indian to Rock n Roll to South African Township.

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