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Lex Van Someren - Ayam

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Track Listing

1. Global Anthem  05.12 minutes
2. Transparent Waltz  05.40 minutes
3. Echoes of Aquam I  07.10 minutes
4. Norvegian Prayer  04.40 minutes
5. Ashq Ayam part I  04.00 minutes
6. Ashq ayam part II  04.19 minutes
7. Lorn in the Heart  10.12 minutes
8. Warm Hands  05.09 minutes
9. Shangrila (radio mix)  03.24 minutes
10. Blue Lotus  03.09 minutes
11. And the door opens  05.01 minutes
12. Echoes of Ayam II  07.10 minutes

Total Time 65:05

Lex shows a development of delicately inter-weaving indigenous rhythms with serene elements.

Ayam brings together the poles of Power and Peace, leading the listener to those elements within. Mystical music, inviting us to celebrate and dance. The transcendental quality of Lex's voice has the power to open sacred spaces within.

This album is a musical alchemy of vocals and instruments, like: didgeridoo, guitar, flute, sax, trumpet, percussion and gongs, In several songs Lex has put the entrancing depth and power of the "Ayam" mantra into a profoundly orchestrated music which evokes a spirit of reverence, wonder and delight.

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