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Lex Van Someren - Om Meditation

Product Code: CD108
Price: £15.99
Track Listing

1. Tuning In  06.22 minutes
2. The Inner Temple  05.20 minutes
3. Initiation  07.44 minutes
4. Ascension  07.19 minutes
5. Beyond Time and Space  05.55 minutes
6. Angel Choirs  09.20 minutes
7. Synthesis  17.38 minutes
8. Grounding  00.39 minutes
9. Completion  03.47 minutes
10. Amen  04.53 minutes

Total Time 62.09

Normal Price: £13.99

"OM" is the sacred sound which encompasses the Unity of all things. It is the word that symbolises the Eternal, the Undying Self. This CD is a one hour journey of sound with six different musical phases smoothly flowing into each other. One can meditate with it in silence or join in chanting - and it can be used as an inspiring musical backdrop. The music consists purely of solo voices and choirs by Lex van Someren and Sara Olivier (with the basic key in F). Because of dubbing the voices partly up to 250 times and because its many intruiging harmonies, this has become a unique piece of art with a cosmic quality and with an extremly powerful sound vibration - a true medicine for body, mind and soul!

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