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Lex Van Someren - Sacred Moments, The Best of

Product Code: CD1014
Price: £15.99

Track Listing

1. Shangrila  03.25 minutes
2. Northern Sky  05.34 minutes
3. Jannai  06.10 minutes
4. Diana, For You  05.12 minutes
5. Mystic Fire  06.00 minutes
6. Call From The North  06.04 minutes
7. Morning Flight  02.52 minutes
8. Speeker Of The Mysteries  06.31 minutes
9. The Miraculous  05.07 minutes
10. Voices Of The Mountain  02.37 minutes
11. Child Within  03.47 minutes
12. Trust our Angels  03.52 minutes
13. Born In The Heart  09.01 minutes
14. Globalanthem  04.06 minutes

Total Time 70:18

Normal Price: £13.99

This album is a collection of 14 of the most popular songs, which Lex has recorded and released on CD between 1993-98.

The song "Warm Hands" has got a new text and arrangement dedicated to Princess Diana. It appears with the new Title: "Diana, For You".

The main vocals of several songs have been recorded anew by Lex in July 1999.

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