Lovers Lounge - Maneesh

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Track Listing

1. Oceanic Buddhas  07.22 minutes
2. Treasure  07.23 minutes
3. The Message Is Peace  07.26 minutes
4. Endless Love  05.21 minutes
5. Impressions  02.27 minutes
6. Soulflight  07.18 minutes
7. Mellow Moods  06.40 minutes
8. Ibiza Longin'  06.19 minutes
9. Namaste  06.01 minutes

Total Time 56.21


Maneesh's first solo-album Lover's Lounge is a chill out journey, a relaxed, juicy blend of lounge grooves, spacey atmospheres and lively instrumental performances by himself and his friends.

The perfect album for tantric lovers or those who just want to disappear into the flow of music. It's a journey of surrender--you simply let go and the music takes you.

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