Marcey Hamm - Maitreya

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Track Listing

1. Loving You

2. Places of the Mind

3. Ying & Yang

4. Fire Dance

5. Timeless Love

6. The Third Eye


MAITREYA is about happiness. This composition transposes you to find that place within yourself of peace and joy. Once that place is reached, it becomes easier and easier to get there and stay there. MAITREYA is vibrant, bold and yet very haunting as if these sounds were a part of you from some other time and place. It is a wonderful experience.

MAITREYA begins the happiness series which is a whole new pattern in Marcey’s music. It is very different from INWARD HARMONY which started the healing cycle. All the compositions between INWARD HARMONY and MAITREYA were a part of the healing cycle even though each album has its own area of specialty.

A testimonial: “MAITREYA is your best work yet! Within the first few minutes of listening to it, a sense of joy and happiness came over me. I can’t explain why, it just did. Now I start each day by listening to MAITREYA and my whole day seems to be filled with happy thoughts and remembrances. The little things no longer get me down.” C.S., Dallas, Texas

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