Marcey Hamm - Sampler 1

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Track Listing

1. Inward Harmony (from Inward Harmony)  4.35

2. Dream Partner Concerto (from Dream Partner)  4.10

3. Love is Light to Our Soul (from Celestial Dance)  3.33

4. Changing Lifetimes (from Dream Partner)  3.53

5. Loving Yourself (from Dream Partner)  6.59

6. Giza Pyramid (from Celestial Dance)  2.13

7. The Singing Monk (from Celestial Dance)  4.05

8. Letting Go (from Dream Partner)  4.08

9. Leaving the Physical (from Dream Partner)  4.08

10. The Mirror (from Dream Partner)  3.11

11. Bridge to No Time (from Dream Partner)  7.51

12. The Love Kiss (from Dream Partner)  3.10

13. The Day of the Gladiator (From Celestial Dance)  5.14

14. My Friend Z (from Z)  6.17

15. Anthem to Soul (from Anthem to Soul)  3.52


SAMPLER I is a 72 minute compilation of songs from Marcey's first five albums, INWARD HARMONY, Z, CELESTIAL DANCE, ANTHEM TO SOUL and DREAM PARTNER.

Marcey calls this album the quick fix.

SAMPLER I is a wonderful way for someone to experience the impact of Marcey's music in a short period of time.

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