Medicine Song Volume 1 - Tibetan Chant CD & Lyric Book - Ani Williams

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Track Listing

1.0Om Ah Ra Pa Tsa Na Dhi   04.26 minutes
2.0Om Zambhala   03.53 minutes
3.0Vaira Guru   04.46 minutes
4.0Om Tare Tum Soha   04.26 minutes
5.0Green Tara   04.13 minutes
6.0Gate Gate   04.14 minutes
7.0Om Mani Padme Hum   04.10 minutes
8.0Green Tara 2nd version   04.42 minutes
9.0Six Sylable Vaira   03.32 minutes
10.0100 Sylable   03.34 minutes
11.0Om Namaha Shivaya   04.22 minutes
12.0Archangel Invocation   04.03 minutes


Tibetan chants with harp, sitar, tamboura, bells and vocal harmonies. Used in yoga centres and by individuals as an interactive sound medicine tool.

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