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Miten & Deva Premal - Strength of a Rose

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Track Listing

1. White Cloud, White Swan  04.17 minutes
2. Silent Space With You  04.21 minutes
3. Watching Your Vision  03.23 minutes
4. Beyond the Beyond  03.30 minutes
5. Love Will Lead Us On  03.54 minutes
6. Purnima  02.24 minutes
7. Totally Wild, Absolutely Free  04.44 minutes
8. Sing Your Own Song  03.17 minutes
9. Man of the Mountains  02.56 minutes
10. Strength of a Rose  04.33 minutes
11. Everything  04.18 minutes
12. I Can Hear Your Music  02.52 minutes
13. The Inescapable  02.38 minutes
14. Enough for Me  03.07 minutes

Here from Miten and Premal, the couple who brought us the ESSENCE, is a touching vocal album of spiritual songs.

Songs like: Silent Space with You, Love Will Lead Us On, Totally Wild, Absolutely Free, Purnima, and Strength of a Rose, among others, harmoniously speak of the deeper blessings and challenges of intimacy with oneself and all life.

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