Planet Love - Sudha

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Track Listing

1. Wendeyaho  05.50 minutes
2. La 'Ieikawai  06.55 minutes
3. Ishq Allah  04.48 minutes
4. Undea Hibi  07.22 minutes
5. Lelewai  03.52 minutes
6. Oweyahe  03.51 minutes
7. E Ala E  04.15 minutes
8. Island  04.15 minutes
9. E Hia 'Ai  05.50 minutes
10. Ya Azeem  07.04 minutes

Total time 54:08


In this astonishing debut release, Sudha's angelic voice will gently take you on a journey from Hawaii, to Native America, to the Far East. These soulful chants are set to exotic instrumental arrangements by master of ambient moods, Maneesh de Moor. Instruments include piano, bass, ethnic percussion, didjeridu and flute

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