Portrait of Genius - Ravi Shankar

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Track Listing

1.0Tala Rasa Ranga   02.58 minutes
2.0Dhun   02.48 minutes
3.0Tabla - Dhwani   04.53 minutes
4.0Song from the Hills   03.02 minutes
5.0Tala - Tabla Tarang   03.31 minutes
6.0Gat Kirwani   02.39 minutes
7.0Raga Multani   19.41 minutes


"This Portrait of Genius album was originally recorded in 1964 by Richard Bock. Dick was one of my best friends. He did a lot for Indian music by recording not only me, but many different musicians later on. To me, though the music sounds a bit na?ve now, it is still quite fresh and gutsy! Hope you like it." Ravi Shankar.
This album has been digitally remastered.

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