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Praful - Remixed + 2

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Track Listing

  1. Says Kabir (Kareem Raihani Broken Mix)
  2. Yalda Night (Praful Vs Hardsoul)
  3. Corpo Suado (Phil Martin Invading The Jazz Mix)
  4. Acredite (Buscemi Mix)
  5. Inspiracao (Jazz Juice Mix)
  6. Wishful Walk (Kareem Raihani Rework)
  7. Moon Glide (Mark Rae & Rhys Adams ARP Remix)
  8. Sigh (Chriss Joss Remix)
  9. Let The Chips Fall (A.I.F.F. Mix)
  10. Ponto De Partida (Maneesh De Moor Treatment)
  11. Her Eyes Drink (Praful Vs Kareem Raihani)
  12. Eternity (Gerd's 4Lux Remix)
  13. Underworld (Antonio Ocasio Calor Remix)

Sax player and flautist, Praful, who has been featured on Buddha Bar, has developed his great "club" style Jazz right in the top clubs and festivals around the world and now works with his favourite DJ's and producers to bring fresh vision to his tracks.

Remixed+2 contains the remixes by Mark Rae & Rhys Adams, Chris Joss, Gerd, Buscemi, Phil Martin (A.I.F.F. & Jazz Invaders), Kareem Ra hani, Maneesh de Moor, Antonio Ocasio and Jazz Juice.

Two brand new songs are also included: 'Yalda Night' in collaboration with Hardsoul (DJ Roog) and 'Her Eyes Drink', recorded with Kareem Ra hani.

The result is 13 diverse tracks that range from subtle or heavy down tempo grooves to dance floor crackers, with jazzy, eastern and Brazilian vibes and all with the focus on the groove.

Therapy. 2007.

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