Rasa - Saffron Blue

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Track Listing

1. Vamsi Dhari  7.36
2. Madhava Murari  7.48
3. Gayatri Mantra  7.59
4. Antara Mandire  6.42
5. Drone Scape [Instrumental]  2.17
6. Mana Mantra  9.13
7. Krishna Jinka  7.24
8. Sitara Dreams [Instrumental]  4.38
9. Vande Krishna  10.49


Saffron Blue evokes a sense of passion, with stunning performances by four guest vocalists that perfectly juxtapose Kim Water’s exquisite voice and Hans Christian’s virtuosic arrangements.

A rich sonic journey that transports the listener to the transcendental realm of India with trance-like rhythms and a deeply spiritual sound.

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