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Reunion: Ceremonial Music of the Sufis - Sheikh Muzzafer Ozak & Halveti Jerrahi Order of Dervishes

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Track Listing

1. Violin Solo (followed by ilahis)

2. Ruhi Siyahim Ile Drgahe Huzuru Sheyhe Geldim (and other songs)
The haunting tones of the Turkish ney (flute) begins this concert of Sufi hymns of the Halveti Jerrahi Order, followed by songs with traditional Turkish instrumental accompaniment. Some of the ilahis (hymns) performed in this concert date back as far as the 13th century. Ilahis are considered to be divinely inspired, their lyrics composed by Sufi masters, either of the Jerrahi lineage or other Sufi lineages, such as the Mevlevi order (or "whirling dervishes") founded by Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi. All describe the longing and the ecstasy of the spiritual path to Divine Union.

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