Robert Haig Coxon - Cristal Silence 3 - The Inner Voyage

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Track Listing

1.0The Voyage   05.57 minutes
2.0Cristal Dreams. 1st Movement   04.26 minutes
3.0Cristal Dreams. 2nd Movement   03.25 minutes
4.0Cristal Dreams. 3nd Movement   02.57 minutes
5.0Golden Fields   03.19 minutes
6.0Inner Peace   03.38 minutes
7.0Mikaal   06.39 minutes
8.0For The Moment   03.32 minutes
9.0Magic Forest   04.38 minutes
10.0Angelic Mist   03.28 minutes
11.0The Voyage   04.29 minutes


Beautiful synthesizer textures combined with the natural crystal sounds and classical guitar, helping the listener to balance the body systems.

"Coxon's warm synthesizer textures and graceful melodies create an optimum setting for relaxation and contemplation. With The Inner Voyage, he shares his most mature and reflective compositions so far."

Paul Toutant - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

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