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Robert Haig Coxon - The Infinite: Essence of Life

Product Code: CD1624
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Track Listing

1. Essence of Kryon  9.06
2. The Beginnings  2.16
3. Divine Secrets  10.42
4. Reverence  5.06
5. The Bridge  8.58
6. The Family  10.36
7. Serenity  2.58
8. Life  1.53

This is one of the finest meditation CD's that Robert has ever produced! Culled from the energy of the beautiful music played behind the Kryon channellings world-wide for the last five years, this music will take you to a very sweet and loving place.

Formerly produced as "The Essence of Kryon," the album has been re-orchestrated, re-mixed, and has changed the name and cover. Now; The Infinite: Essence of Life.

"We discover the profound healing that his work brings to our hearts... a healing that lingers long after the music ends. Whether you are a casual listener, or a professional healer, the music of Robert Coxon is an essential addition to the library of anyone on the Path." - Gregg Braden

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