Sacred Earth - The Way Home

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Track Listing

1.  Om Namaha Shivaya 08.48
2.  Hare Krishna Govinda 08.21
3.  Ganesha Om 10.07 
4.  Sita Ram 09.23
5.  Beautiful 05.00
6.  Moola Mantra 08.37
7.  Govinda Hare (Maneesh De Moor remix) 07.29
8.  Grateful 05.25

Sacred Earth is Australia's top selling duo. Their music is used extensively throughout the world for massage, yoga, meditation, healing, spa to evoke a feeling of well-being, peace, and ambience.

Featuring chants, Indian Bansuri (bamboo flute), Japanese Shakuhatchi (Flute), Native American Flute, Acoustic Guitar, & percussion.

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