Shelter - Rasa

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Track Listing

1. Gauranga Karuna  08.59 minutes
2. Ar Koto Kal  08.11 minutes
3. Narada Muni  06.01 minutes
4. Jaya Radha  08.32 minutes
5. Panduranga  08.33 minutes
6. Arunodaya  05.44 minutes
7. Dainyatmika  06.47 minutes
8. Vaishnava Vijnapti  09.16 minutes

Total Time 62.06


The latest release from Rasa.. Sensual vocals and soaring cello and sarangi swirls weave a sacred tunic of devotional love songs in Bengali and Sanskrit. Shelter maps a voyage towards spirit with it's irresistible melodies, luscious grooves and soulful performances.

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