Sky Dancing- Nada Masala Vol 2 - Dakini Artists

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Track Listing

1. Veil Of Illusion  09.27 minutes
2. Lucid Dreams  07.39 minutes
3. Inner Horizon  04.54 minutes
4. Erzulie (Phantom Remix)  10.00 minutes
5. Mangrove  07.04 minutes
6. Behind The Veil (Remix)  11.56 minutes
7. Sandhiprakash  07.24minutes
8. Le Chant Des Sirenes  09.32 minutes
9. Yu  09.57 minutes


Sky Dancing: Nada Masala Vol. 2" has been one year in the making, and represents the cream of chilled electronica from around the globe (except Ibiza, thank you). No filler here: every track is the best the artist can make, and the album is compiled to create a total trip through sound.

Like the first comp., "Sky Dancing 2" is a seductive collection of tribal beats, zen-dubs and ethereal grooves. "Nada" means "sound", and "masala" means "blend"; mix in equal parts ambient soundscapes, trance rhythms, dub mixing, ethnic instrumentation, and you've got the DAKINI blend: exotic, erotic and hypnotic.

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