T.H.E Percussion Choir - A Call to Drum

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Track Listing

1. Lamba
2. Giradon
3. Oba Se Jay/Kakilambay
4. Galgon Serape
5. Boomwhacker Concerto
6. Lendjin
7. Djole/Yankadi
8. Haitian Ibo/Ibo/Kuku
9. Funga


The Thurman-Hamer-Ellington (T.H.E.) Percussion Choir was begun in 1992 in the T.H.E. UU Church, in Decatur, Georgia. Its mission since the beginning has been one of bringing all people together through music, and to make the joyful statement that people of racial diversity, male and female, able and disabled, gay and straight, old and young, can come together to honour African rhythms and make beautiful music.

 "A Call To Drum" is ecstatic, uplifting, celebratory music of the West African djembe ensemble that will move your body and soul. Produced by director Chuck Cogliandro, and first released in 1998, these live-in-the-studio recordings feature ensembles of 8, 14 and 20 drummers, playing and singing the joy in their hearts.

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