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Talking Stick - Medicine Drum

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Track Listing

1. Written In Stone  08.47 minutes
2. Queen Of Cups  07.12 minutes
3. Skin Up  08.41 minutes
4. Rattlesnake  07.54 minutes
5. Tribal Heart  08.22 minutes
6. Trustafari  06.53 minutes
7. Minaret  08.12 minutes
8. Beyond The Threshold  07.07 minutes
9. Skeleton Crew  07.26 minutes

Fusing the latest cutting edge styles of progressive electronic music with foundations of deep tribal rhythms and live vocals, MEDICINE DRUM are a band that crosses the boundaries of electronica - existing in the realm "...where ancient meets modern and organic meets digital."
The band was founded in London in 1995 by visionary electronica producer and expert percussionist Chris Deckker. Sensing a connection between the modern, futuristic dance music sounds and the primal, ancient trance-inducing rhythms of tribal drummers, Deckker fused the two forms in a totally unique and distinctive way.
The resulting 'electro-organic' soundscape is at once breathtaking and instantly appealing to the 'modern tribalism' of a rapidly growing global, youth dance community

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