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Thomas Otten - Open Wings

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Track Listing
1. Sanza  3.55
2. Espiritu  3.16
3. Dulciate  3.33
4. Samsara  3.46
5. Close to Silence  4.12
6. Stars and Sky  2.32
7. Offelini  3.44
8. Adeo  3.00
9. Heaven  4.57
10. Open Wings  4.16
11. Divigi Tu  3.48
12. Merciful Raindrops  4.17
13. A Quiet Moment  1.19

Before turning to music Thomas Otten's original career was as a biologist. The road to becoming one of the best counter-tenor vocalists in the world was a long took 10 years of hard work to temper and train his voice. During this time he explored various genres ranging from gregorian chant to contemporary music.

When he met composer and producer Frédéric Momont - the musical rapport between them was instant. Both believe that music should not be confined by restrictive boundaries and together they seek to record music of great beauty and originality which will appeal to the modern heart and ear. The result is music that crosses the boundaries between popular and classical genres - taking from both to create a sound that is unique to them.

This CD is a compilation of some of the best songs from Thomas's albums Close To Silence and Portraits and also includes a previously unreleased song – the stunning Open Wings. This is truly an outstanding album and we warmly recommend it to you.

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