Tom Kenyon - Imaginarium

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Track Listing

1. Imaginarium  04.01 minutes
2. The Concersation Of Dolorosa  04.43 minutes
3. Budy Rub  04.35 minutes
4. The Healing Spherers At Madrona Point  05.03 minutes
5. Upon The Indigenous Sea  10.18 minutes
6. An Unexpected Breeze  06.22 minutes
7. The Calling Of The Boatman  04.07 minutes
8. Ode To The Electrons  07.53 minutes
9. Ohana: Dance Fot Human And Leviathan  09.25 minutes
10. The Boatman  04.46 minutes


An extraordinary musical journey into the imaginal realms by world-renowned sound healer, Tom Kenyon.

There are 10 tracks, the majority without lyrics and each with a unique sound. The more you listen, the more you see and hear.

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