Tribal Matrix - Dakini Artists

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Track Listing

1. Makyo : Swords
2.  Adham Shaikh : Beyond 1
3.  Aquila : Song of Laya
4. Taichi Masuda : Si-Lim-Tau
5.  Freeman : Obelisk
6.  Lumin : Lacyan Way
7.  Makyo : Whirling Dub
8. Taichi Masuda : Drum Solo
9.  Makyo : Devabandha
10. Badawi : Fifth Eclipse of Dajz Mara
11. Gus Till : Rainsong
12. Dubsahara : Persiana


A dark, mysterious journey into an imaginary Orient, where the saz and the sequencer, the darbukka and the drum loop, are woven into an electric-acoustic mosaic of past and future.

Dakini asked its favourite artists to create tracks for use by the innovative, open-minded bellydancers of the Neo-Tribal underground...

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