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Urban Mantra - Music Mosaic Various - 2 CDs

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Track Listing

Disc: 1
1. Dance Of Kali (Prem Joshua), 8:22
2. Sri Rudram (Anant Jesse), 7:40
3. Amba Amba (Larisa Stow & Gathering Guru), 8:56
4. Om Tara - RainForest Mix (Darpan & Bhakta), 4:55
5. Gayatri Mantra (Chloe Goodchild), 8:53
6. Teyate Om Muni (Ariel Kalma), 9:16
7. Chen Rezi (Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors), 10:19
Disc: 2
1. Om Namo Narayana (Manish Vyas), 8:01
2. Om Namo Bhagavate (Deva Premal), 7:09
3. Tibetan Tantra Tara (Subway Bhaktis), 4:58
4. Ascension (Sacred Earth), 9:29
5. Gate Param Gate (Ariel Kalma), 6:07
6. Lakh Khushian (Dya Singh), 11:39
7. Satguru Vachoni (Azar Baksh), 9:04
8. Closing (Wah!), 3:45

Ecstatic modern chants for the heart and soul.

2 CDs, 2 hours of inspiring music! Prem Joshua, Deva Premal, Sacred Earth, Bhakta, Gabrielle Roth, Wah!, Dya Singh and other spiritual artists weave downtempo background with mantras to invigorate and inspire, to soothe the soul and lift the heart.

Excellent for yoga, relaxation and inner peace, or chant along for an uplifting spiritual vibration with universal messages of harmony.

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