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Wah! - Savasana*2

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Track Listing

1.0Heart Sutra   07.32 minutes
2.0Saraswati   06.47 minutes
3.0Radhe Govinda   07.23 minutes
4.0Raksha Ma   07.04 minutes
5.0Jaya Guru   07.35 minutes
6.0Krishna Murti   06.53 minutes
7.0Shiva   06.57 minutes
8.0Ram Ram   06.07 minutes
9.0Om Tare   06.29 minutes
10.0Akasha Ma   07.54 minutes
11.0Daya Karo Ma   08.41 minutes 

This collection of chants is designed for deep relaxation. In yoga class, the posture for deep relaxation is savasana - the practice consists of dissolving the body and mind into a space of deep spiritual peace.

This CD is a beautiful continuation of the magic created in Savasana, as Wah! transmits healing energy through her music.

With luscious instrumentation, overtone vocals, and ambient textures and harmonics, Wah! guides you into a heightened state of relaxation.

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