Wendy Rule - Zero

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Track Listing

1. Continental Isolation 8.10
2. Sirens 4.43
3. Chariot 3.39
4. Demigod 3.40
5. Child The First 3.11
6. Prometheus 6.15
7. Beltane 3.49
8. Odyssey 5.29
9. Seline Of The Infinite Solution 3.14
10. Psyche's Sisters 6.56
11. Falling Behind Me 2.02
12. Zero 6.00
13. Frost At Midnight 6.08


Wendy Rule’s debut album Zero is a visionary journey into the world of light and shadow. Dreamy, percussive and lush, the listener is transported through a cinematic landscape of Myth and Magic. Each song is an exploration of Wendy’s personal journey as a practicing Pagan Witch, offering a level of depth and wisdom rarely experienced in modern music. Featuring Rachel Samuel on cello, with songs that range from the joyous heights of the title track to the soft sadness of Sirens and Frost at Midnight, Zero is a brave and beautiful offering.

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