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Bamboo Cedar Oak - Songs of our Grandfathers

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Track Listing

1.  Gattsan (Moon Mountain)
2.  Grandfather Song
3.  Being
4.  Under a big sky
5.  Daughter Song
6.  Forever
7.  Horse People
8.  Storm on a distant hill
9.  Sake No Uta (Salmon Song)
10.  Weeping Warrior
11.  First People
12.  Rain Down
13.  Shifting Sand
14.  Mazatl (Deer Song)

This is the second album by Bamboo Cedar Oak, a brotherhood of flute players from three different sacred cultures, Nigel Shaw, Guillermo Martinez and Hiroki Okano. This work is inspired by the spirits of the grandfathers and the songs of ancestral lands. The music offers a shared understanding of our human connection to this beautiful planet. Since the first meeting Bamboo Cedar Oak have travelled together giving concerts and workshops, performing in Buddhist temples across Japan, a cathedral in New York and amidst the wild hills of Dartmoor (England), travels that have fed this recording with a rich tapestry of new sounds and melodies.

Guillermo Martinez is a master-instrument maker living in California and a native Tarascan, a tribe from the highlands of Michoacan, Mexico. He is a highly regarded teacher and has made many of the flutes, drums and rattles played on this album. Guillermo plays cedar flute, clay flutes and whistles, drums and percussion, and sings traditional songs.

Hiroki Okano is one of the most widely respected ambient composers and recording artists in Japan. He plays many ancient and contemporary instruments, works with several Japanese world music bands and travels extensively promoting peace projects. Hiroki plays bamboo flute, native American flutes, guitar, bouzouki, tonkuri, drums and percussion, voices.

Nigel Shaw is an acclaimed composer and international performer, well known through his many recordings of inspired ambient, world and shamanic trance music. His work is deeply inspired by the ancient landscape of southwest England where he lives. Nigel plays Dartmoor wood flutes, long flute, Irish whistles, clay flute, keyboards, dulcimer, drums and percussion.

Special guest Domenic DeCicco from the band Praying for the Rain. Domenic plays guitar, Cretan laouto, cedar flute, percussion and voices.

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