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Beats Around the Bush - Ganga Giri

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Track Listing

1. Murrie Gubar Yugal  04.48 minutes
2. Curried Ripples  05.01 minutes
3. Giri Iri  07.10 minutes
4. Bertie Beatle  03.45 minutes
5. Samba  05.28 minutes
6. Gone Travelling  08.08 minutes
7. Sharing Place  05.07 minutes
8. Dubby Doo  06.21 minutes
9. Ancestors  03.42 minutes
10. Mohan Meeting  06.23 minutes
11. Big Red Solo  05.29 minutes
12. Dont follow the Guru  06.24 minutes
13. Buda Dub  07.08 minutes

Pumping Percussive didjeridu and tribal drums with dirty fat funky beats.

Different to the other albums because of the special guests who have contributed their touch of magic.

This release has a wide audience appeal as it touches many genres.

Recorded at four different studios with the participation of five different producers.

The sound of Beats Around the Bush has a definite world flavour with strong indigenous grooves, and kicks with fat bottom-end bass lines and dirty funky beats.

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