Stephanie Hiller - Sound Meditation with Shakuhachi

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Track Listing

1. Komoro Bushi (Folk Tune)
2. Akita Obako (Folk Tune)
3. Fukuchiyama Ondo (Folk Tune)
4. Sakura (Folk Tune)
5. Murasaki Reibo ("Honkyoku" - traditional Zen repertoire)
6. Tamuke ("Honkyoku" - traditional Zen repertoire)
7. Sanya Sugagaki ("Honkyoku" - traditional Zen repertoire)
8. Daha ("Honkyoku" - traditional Zen repertoire)
9. Lament (by Stephanie Hiller)
10. Komoro Bushi (Folk Tune)


This CD of Shakuhachi music is designed to be used as an aid to meditation or relaxation, and therefore has a cyclical structure. It begins with lighter, folk style tunes "Minyo", taking you deeper, more meditative pieces "Honkyoku", returning to lighter pieces towards the end. It ends as it begins with the folk tune "Komoro Bushi", albeit played on a slightly longer Shakuhachi, with a different timbre, to reflect the subtle changes that occur during meditation.

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