Chloe Goodchild - Sura

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Track Listing

1. Om Shiva  12.36 minutes
2. Self Inside Self  05.58 minutes
3. O Viridissima Virga  04.14 minutes
4. Gayatri Mantra  09.01 minutes
5. Ave Generosa  06.59 minutes
6. Everywhere Longing  07.37 minutes
7. Hodie  05.32 minutes
8. Silent Laughter  01.25 minutes
9. Remember Me  07.01 minutes
10. Alilo  04.57 minutes


Sura evokes our deepest thoughts, longings and devotions.

It is a passionate and deeply moving recording of sacred chants from different traditions providing the listener with a feast of sounds which quicken the heart and inspire the soul.

Great for massage, meditation, movement and yoga.

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