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Frank Perry - Tibetan Singing Bowls - Deep Healing

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Track Listing

1. Gathered Together in Communion around the Central Fire.  9.30
2. The Tao of Inner Peace.  12.42
3. The Heart of Healing Strength.  12.18
4. Abide with the Great Healer.  9.26
5. Deep Stillness beneath the Star.  6.24
6. Christ in You is King.  8.10
7. Life Eternal within the Deep Stillness of the Star.  18.46
Total Time:  77.16  

A CD to focus upon the stillness at the heart of every singing bowl.

Pieces relying heavily upon chosen antique singing bowls that channel a particular aspect of healing energy.

Other tracks explore the approximate interval relationships between particular bowls.

This is suitable for heavy listening, relaxation or meditation or sound listening exercises.

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