Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors - Initiation

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Track Listing

1. The Dancing Path: Flowing  06.20 minutes
2. The Dancing Path: Staccato  02.56 minutes
3. The Dancing Path: Chaos  04.24 minutes
4. The Dancing Path: Lyrical  05.13 minutes
5. The Dancing Path: Stillness  05.59 minutes
6. Body Jazz: Head/Shoulders/Elbows/Hands/Hips/Knees/Feet  15.30 minutes
7. Initiation  07.27 minutes


This album is a map.

 It can take you from inertia to ecstasy if you surrender to its pulse.

 The first half moves through the Roth 5Rhythms™.

  The second half begins with a warm-up for each of the body parts (Body Jazz) and ends with a celebration of the all (Initiation).

 Integrate this moving meditation into the mainstream of your daily life and feel the power that flows from an energized body and an empty mind.

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