Kailash & Friends - Morealah

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Track Listing

1. Sunrise  09.02 minutes
2. Kakopellis Dream Drop  00.51 minutes
3. Meerama  07.30 minutes
4. Ocean Dreaming  09.34 minutes
5. Morealah  03.41 minutes
6. Swan Wing Bone  02.06 minutes
7. Soulmates  10.12 minutes
8. Kokopelis Love Prayer  00.39 minutes
9. Dolphin Babies  09.06 minutes
10. Ancestral  05.36 minutes
11. Heyoehkah  07.40 minutes
12. Kachina Sunset  01.16 minutes
13. Sushumna  06.10 minutes


Meditative and dynamic World Music for the inner child.

Solo flute songs of bone and cedar flutes mixed with percussive soundscapes of the Didgeridoo blended with, piano, trumpet, Japanese and indian string instruments as well as songs of whale, dolphins and humans.

Featuring the shamanic marriage ritual "Soulmates", the 7 chakra beat "Sushumna" in which the mantras for the chakras are chanted and the song "Meerama" dedicated to Mother Meera.

special guest: Lex van Someren

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