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Kelly Howell - Brainwave Meditation - 2 CDs

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The easiest way to meditate.

  • Reach the deepest levels of meditation
  • Obtain clarity and insight
  • Experience mind-still blissful peace

Now you can quickly reach depths of meditation that would otherwise take years of practice to attain.

Brain Sync's precision-engineered frequencies massage your brain into mind-still blissful states of peace. With this program 87% of research subjects who never meditated before were able to enter the theta state their very first session.

Guided Meditation

Kelly Howell guides you create your own inner healing sanctuary, a place where you can go to revitalize the very core of your being. You'll learn how to generate states of being that nurture your sense of self, your creativity, and the dynamic expression of your power in the world.

Deep Meditation

Completely free of spoken words, this program delivers a unique combination of brainwave frequencies that produce an extraordinary "mind-awake/body-asleep" state. Negative thoughts are dramatically swept away by brilliant flashes of insight and understanding as you experience untold depths of inner peace.

Clinical studies show that theta meditation increases creativity, enhances cognition, deepens perception, aids in overcoming substance abuse, and awakens intuition. In just 30 minutes you'll reap the same powerful benefits meditation masters have documented for millennium. The results are profound.

This 2-CD extra value package includes both Guided Meditation and Deep Meditation at a special price.

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